I wonder what sort of fomative influence the Smiths and Joy Division exerted on Radiohead? From the two 2007 clips below of Radiohead covers of the Smiths’ “The Headmaster Ritual” and Joy Division/ New Order’s “Ceremony” the joy in playing these songs is apparent, at least for Thom Yorke. I’ve got to say that I’d forgotten how catchy a pop song the Smiths tune is, and those Morrisey yodels in the chorus are tailor-made for Yorke.

I suppose the thing to do here would be to compare and contrast — on Ceremony Radiohead’s drummer is less febrile than Joy Division’s Steve Morris,  Morrisey’s miserabilist irony vs Yorke’s more broken-up keen. But just enjoy – Radiohead are having a lot of fun here, and what great songs to reprise.